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Informative descriptions and pictures to help you select the appropriate special needs toys, clothing or equipment for your child. Support@funandfunction.com

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Fun and Function loves kids with special needs as much as you do. We are aware of the reality that raising a child with special needs may consume the parents' energy and believe the task need not also consume the parents' financial resources as well. We also recognize that educators and therapists struggle with diverse children's needs and budgetary considerations. Affordable physical therapy equipment and toys; enabling both children and infants to play and develop is critical.

We know that for our children; good enough is not good enough. Play and therapy are intertwined. Occupational and physical therapy goals are achieved with the best therapist and the best equipment; including toys and devices. Our toys and equipment enhance sensory integration and other occupational and speech therapeutic goals.

Our products are of excellent quality...Our customer service is efficient, and friendly.... Our prices reflect quality and affordability...Our commitment is to research-based practices. You will find the best therapy toys and therapeutic products here; both for parents and therapists searching for the right item at the right price.

We appreciate your dedication to children with special needs. This is our way of saying thank you for making their lives better.

Fun and Function; your therapy toys and therapeutic equipment source!


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Affordable equipment for sensory integration, occupational therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy . Toys for entertaining and therapuetic play.

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