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American Consumers Will Reward Companies Who Meet Their Expectations

• 91% have a more positive image of companies that support a good cause.
• 86% say companies should tell them how they are helping a social cause.
• 86% are likely to switch brands when they are associated with a good cause.
• 79% are more likely to buy when associated with a cause they care about.

Information from the Cone Corporate Citizenship Study
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CHARITY@CHECKOUT creates goodwill: that is good business... and doing good.  

Quick and easy display for a small gift. Lets the customer know that we aren’t looking for big philanthropists; everyone can help.

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Meaningful Participation: Offer a compelling cause to make a small donation towards. Customers leave your site feeling special about themselves and feeling special about you.
Quick, easy graphic display is non-disruptive to the ‘buying path’ - and may actually help reduce abandoned carts, due to the customer’s moral commitment to help charity, which now accompanies their purchase.
Customer Loyalty: Consumers are keenly aware of companies that take a serious interest in a social agenda. Differentiate your e-commerce site from the 'crowd' - through an engaging presentation that provides a real life feel, enriching the shopping experience. The mark of a 'socially conscious' merchant.
Privacy: Charity@Checkout, as an add-item in your shopping cart, does not receive any details of the customer-donor's identity. We receive periodic payments directly from merchants for their customers' donations.
Promotion: Sign up in the first 90 days of the launch to be highlighted in our press release. Your company name and logo will also appear on our website and in affiliate newsletters.
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