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Remarkable Organizations 


Just knowing that organizations like these exist gives us peace of mind -- somewhere, somehow, someone is taking care of ... the poor ... the sick ... the environment ...

If one of these organizations captures your heart, contact them and see how you can help.

Special Kid Fund, Inc: Special Kids Fund is an umbrella organization for developmentally challenged children and at-risk youth. Many of these children come from communities that cannot afford special care necessary for such children. Special Kids Fund provides funds to open new vistas for such emotionally, physically and educationally challenged children. They undertake creative programs that enable the general public to participate in charitable causes on a regular basis. Their Charity Giving Gift Certificates are indeed a "gift of giving". It makes it possible for everyone to add a charitable dimension to every special occasion.

Cerebral Palsy Foundation: For over 40 years, the Kansas Jaycees' Cerebral Palsy Foundation (KJCP) has been a driving force in improving health and well-being of people with both physical and mental disabilities. It supports a multi-use facility where summer camp programs are held for persons who are physically or mentally challenged. These outdoor programs allow campers to nurture social, recreational, and educational life skills.

Long Island Lesbian Cancer Initiative: L.I.L.C.I. is a grassroots, feminist, social justice initiative dedicated to the health and wellness of lesbians and women who partner with women, with emphasis on those who are at risk for or impacted by cancer. LILCI's purpose is to eliminate disparities based on sexual orientation in health and wellness through education, advocacy and services.

Paper Circle: Paper Circle is a nonprofit organization located in Southeastern Ohio, which is dedicated to preserving, advancing and celebrating the paper and book arts to support economic development. The nonprofit is now seeking a web presence primarily to communicate about its products and programs to anyone who is interested in paper arts. Moreover, the web site is also intended to provide contact information, gallery hours, information for volunteers.

Smiley Group

The Smiley Group is a NGO based in Benin, Nigeria, that works to educate local university students of the many tiers of corruption, STDs (HIV/AIDS), STD prevention and prostitution. As rampant corruption has plagued several universities, with lecturers propositioning women for sexual favors in exchange for good grades and guaranteed class passage rates, The Smiley Group works to educate women and men about the potential ramifications of engaging in unprotected sex and prostitution. [more]

Manav Sadhna

Manav Sadhna, an NGO based at Gandhi Ashram-Ahmedabad and a registered trust in India and USA, is comprised of a young group of dedicated individuals working for the upliftment of poor and needy children Inspired by Gandhian philosophy, Manav Sadhna works in the area of education, nutrition, alternatives to child labor and medical aid to women and children living in the slums. [more]


By any definition of the word, Anshu Gupta, award-winning founder of Goonj, is a revolutionary. By transforming simple ideas into nation-wide movements, this Ashoka Fellow has been redefining traditional notions of service. [more]

Hands for Hope

Hands for Hope is dedicated to broadening horizons, developing talents, promoting self-esteem and instilling life-preparation skills by extending a hand of hope to underprivileged youth and single-parent families. [more]

If there's an organization you know of and would like to nominate or write about, please contact us



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