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Multi-Task Dressing Vests:Dress up Clothes:Weighted Vest:Magical apparel

Magical Apparel! 3in1 Dressing Outfits With Optional Weights - Great Play Clothing for Improving Occupational Therapy Multi-Task Skills


Kids can practice dressing while engaging in the magical world of pretend play. Multi-Task Dressing Vest and dress up clothes offer the ability to practice dressing skills like buttoning, zipping, snapping, hook and loop closures for children with compromised fine motor skills, apraxia, hemiplegia and cognitive deficits - weights can be safely added to pockets inside the vest to calm and provide great sensory input for children, as the weight functions as a reassuring deep hug. Size adjustable. Weights sold separately.

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Multi-Task Dressing Vests - Dress up Clothes - Weighted Vest - Magical apparel