Unique Gift Ideas! - Your charity donation gift can help one of the 100 major charities on our list, that your gift recipient designates...Charity Gift Cards and Certificates for special occasion gifts...small business gifts and awards....Add a charity dimension to your holiday gifts, birthday, wedding gift giving...
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Car Donation;Income tax deduction, IRS deduction-child charity for the special need child with disability. Car donations, auto donations, automobile donation, vehicle donation, donate used car.
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Charity Gift Cards are 100% tax deductible gifts, where you make the donation and the recipient chooses the charity from our list of of over 100 major worthwhile causes.

                                     Charity Gift Cards, eCards and printable Greeting Cards!

Great idea for unique small business gifts!
  • Giving Gifts, our unique charity gift idea, are truly “gifts that give”.
  • More meaningful than gifts or greeting cards alone; perfect for awards, employee incentives, birthday gifts, Mother’s and Father’s Day, wedding, baby, graduation, sympathy and holiday gifts.

When you purchase CharityChoice Certificates, the recipient will get an eCard notifying him/her of your gift donation, with instructions on how to redeem it; by selecting the charity of their choice. Our list of over 100 charities includes many of the largest and most highly respected non-profits in the USA.

  •  “Share the JoyOur e-Cards are more fun to receive than plain gifts or greeting cards; our charity gifts add consideration and kindness to special occasions by thinking of others as we celebrate.

Gift giving with charity gift certificates is quick and easy; so “Share the Joy” by helping others through your donated gifts; benefiting one of the over 100 non-profit organizations on our list.
3 easy steps to purchase with your charitable donation:

1. Select an occasion and personalize your gift card

2. Select a denomination

3. Checkout

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Great idea for unique Mother's Day and Wedding gifts!

Unique gift ideas and features:

Donate Your Retail Gift Card and variations

Donate Your Retail Gift Card for Military

Donate Your Retail Gift Card for Special Needs

Donate Your Retail Gift Card for Animals

Donate Your Retail Gift Card for Environment & Conservation

Red Cross Gift Cards

Nature Conservancy Gift Cards

Donation gifts

Corporate donation gifts

Corporate cause marketing

Charity rewards

Birthday party ideas

Wedding registry

Wedding gifts

Bridal favors

Party favors

Points for charity


CHARITY@CHECKOUT creates goodwill that is good business, and doing good.
Offer your customers a compelling cause to make a small donation to- let them leave your site feeling special about themselves and feeling special about you.
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Receive a tax deduction: donate car, donate boat, for the special need child with disability Car Donation
Donating your vehicle is one of the easiest ways of helping special needs children and at the same time receive a tax deduction. Many of our kids are from communities that cannot afford the kind of one-on-one specialized care and expensive equipment necessary for them to thrive.

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