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Special Kids Fund (SKF) is a unique, unprecedented and highly effective alliance of schools, hospitals, and social service organizations that have as their clear, focused goal, providing for the special needs of children with disabilities and at-risk youth.
Our role, as an umbrella fundraising organization, is to provide our beneficiaries with supplementary funds to help support programs for special kids.
Giving, Charitable Organizations, Charitable Giving, Donate, Donations
"[Tina had] a vision and the willingness to get involved and claim one of society's problems as her own. She saw a need, she rolled up her sleeves and she got to work. I admire that kind of courage and dedication. We could use more of it in America today. [Her] work…for the disabled is nothing short of a miracle."
(Knight Ridder)
Former President Bush and Tina Colaco, Director of 'Just Like Us' and a founder of SKF, at the dedication of a facility for developmentally disabled children.  


Our Fundraising Programs

We enable the general public 'at large' to participate in helping charitable causes on a regular basis. We believe that foundations, corporations, major philanthropists and every single one of us should be part of the charitable giving that truly makes America great!
  • Charity@Checkout an add-item solicitation of online e-commerce customers for small donations - (Click on a coin 25c 50c $1 to benefit special needs children.)   MORE

  • Charity Gift Certificates/Cards 100% tax deductible donation gifts, where the gift recipient chooses the charity - from over 75 major worthwhile causes. MORE

  • Charitable giving directly to SKF to help our beneficiaries' programs.   MORE

  • Hear our radio spot by Jason Alexander!

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Our Partners

SKF works to assist moderately-sized institutions, enabling children to receive much needed services; providing unique, cutting-edge programs that are continually opening new vistas and horizons for the physically and educationally challenged.

An additional component of our focus is to help larger organizations, so that they can initiate new projects to expand and enrich the services that they currently provide.

Special Kids Fund, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, You can view our IRS Determination Letter.

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CHARITY@CHECKOUT creates goodwill that is good business, and doing good.
Offer your customers a compelling cause to make a small donation to- let them leave your site feeling special about themselves and feeling special about you.
Child Charity Checkout
Receive a tax deduction: donate car, donate boat, for the special need child with disability Car Donation
Donating your vehicle is one of the easiest ways of helping special needs children and at the same time receive a tax deduction. Many of our kids are from communities that cannot afford the kind of one-on-one specialized care and expensive equipment necessary for them to thrive.
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