If you wish to request a wheelchair van from SpecialKidsFund, please fill out the following form:
If you wish to donate a wheelchair van through SpecialKidsFund, please fill out the following form:
Wheelchair van donations and requests. Donate a used van for the best tax-deduction.

Wheelchair Van Assistance Program

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Nationwide Program
(Adults may also apply)

You can change the world for a disabled child and their family.
Help us make this miracle happen!
Providing for underprivileged children, adults elderly
and especially disabled veterans.


Please let us know if you have a roadworthy handicap vehicle that is adapted for use by those with disabilities (van or SUV). We distribute to both children and adults in need. You will be eligible for a full 'fair market value' tax deduction. We help facilitate the family picking up the wheelchair or scooter adapted van from your location, so that they may have it available for their disabled family member. Fill out this form. with details of the vehicle (including year, model, mileage, pictures if available and any repairs needed) and your City, State, Zip code and phone number.

This is a wonderful Legacy and Sharing to benefit another family.
We will provide IRS paperwork and a limited liability form signed by the recipient. Vans are picked up by the family, from your residence.

Best Tax Deduction

Since the vehicles are not offered for sale, but are given to disabled clients, you are allowed a full 'fair market value' deduction. This is usually the best and highest figure for your tax deduction. Most other means of donating a vehicle will likely result in a lower figure for your itemized tax return. We will provide you with the IRS vehicle donation form for your filing, following pick up.

Certified appraisals are required, if you intend to claim over $5,000. Usually your dealer will provide one. Your appraiser must also sign the IRS Form 8283 and forward it to us to co-sign. Please consult your own tax advisor for information and how the donation may affect your individual tax situation.

"The family wheelchair van our family outgrew has a new life, with a new family. It is opening up the world to a 7-year-old wheelchair user. We are so glad for Special Kids Fund."

Sarah (wheelchair user)
Seattle, WA

About the Program

Our program is unique in its national coverage.
We handle van donations and process requests nationwide.

Learn more about how we began ...
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On behalf of the Governor of the Great State of Georgia; the Georgia Department of Veteran Service's (GDVS) Commissioner Mike Roby, the veteran van recipient Mr. Julius Conner and the entire GDVS Team, I'd like to thank you and your organization for this awesome donation and all that you do for our American heroes.

H. Neil Slay
Veteran's Claims & Appeals Officer
Georgia Department of Veterans Service
The family is so grateful, and I am grateful as well. The Dad said that this is like winning the lottery... Thanks again to Special Kids Fund for all of the help and support in making this possible.

Dorothy Coughlin
Archdiocese of Portland
Office for People with Disabilities
...The wheelchair van has made a world of difference in our lives. That difference can be summed up in the word "freedom." The van has given us the freedom to be as mobile in our society as most Americans. Before the van, my wife had to depend on public transportation for the disabled, meaning she left home at 7 and returned at 6 just to hold a part-time job. Thanks to Special Kids Fund, who made the van possible...

A Family in Reno, Nevada
Thanks to the Special Kids Fund, this van will enable me to continue to have the freedom and independence to participate in the things I love to do most. Keep up the good work!

Brenda Phoenix
...Special Kids Fund is one of those very rare organizations that walk the extra mile to make life easier for the physically disabled. It has been my pleasure to work with Daniel Goodman, President of Special Kids Fund, whose passion is to help lighten the load of those in our society who face challenges and obstacles in daily life...

Rabbi Reuven Taff
Mosaic Law Congregation
Sacramento, CA
Recipient note:
I am writing you to thank you once again for this wonderful gift. It is truly a blessing. Organizations like these remind us that there are good people in this crazy world. Gabriela will now be able to travel with us much more comfortably and more readily. Thank you and Susi, the van donor, for her generous heart. May G-d bless you both.
Jennifer, Jacob and Gabriela

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Please let us know if you are in need of a handicapped adapted vehicle. Requests may be for adults or children anywhere within the USA.
Contact us via this form with:
  1. Details of the type of accessible vehicle you are in need of.
  2. Disability involved
  3. Financial need
  4. Phone number, your location - address with Zip Code (and closest large city and state initials, in subject line)
  5. Confirm if you are a VET (veteran with a disability).
  6. Confirm if you are a VET asking for a vehicle for a disabled family member.
Important: Requests by form submission only; please, do not call. Family must demonstrate that they do not have the resources to afford a vehicle on their own. They will also be required to carry car insurance, register the vehicle and pick it up from the donor.

Although we have been successful in placing a number of used vans for clients looking for accessible transportation, in the past; we can make no guarantees as to availability, time frame or location of the vehicles. As one may imagine, the number of requests exceeds the number of donations. Your submission of a request will put your name in process for evaluation. We will contact you if a van becomes available in your area, no need to contact us after you submit.

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Wheelchair Van Assistance Program

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