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Special Events and News

1. Cycle of Life ’03

It really is "America the beautiful… as cross-country cyclers raise funds and awareness for a good cause!       

Three young college grads dedicate 65 days to a vision that, in their own words –   

“Remember, every time you make a selfless commitment or contribution, you add strength to your life and to the world around you. Like adding spokes to a wheel, eventually the cycle could be unbreakable. Thanks and G-d bless. Dave, Brian and Justin” 

Departure, July 3, 2003 Charleston, SC

Arrival, August 5, 2003 San Francisco, CA

…from sea to shining sea."

2. Wheelchair Vans 

 SKF distributes eight handicapped accessible vans...more to come! 

We have partnered with a major car donation enterprise to give priority to our special need clients. Donations of  wheelchair vans are directed to families - helping them transport those with disabilities; making medical appointments and inclusion in family outings less of an ordeal...a major 'quality of life' enhancement for the client and family!

Donate Handicapped Van


3. Book Fair

SKF turns a little boy’s “fake" money - into real money!  (a must read!)

Excerpt from email sent by Special Ed Teacher Megam Basel to Daniel Goodman, President, SKF- 

“Last week our school had a book fair, where all the children were able to go down to the fair and browse through all the books. The children made a list of books, a wish list, to take home to their parents. The next day the parents sent money for their children to buy books.---- This is where my story begins. I had gone to pick up one of my developmentally disabled first graders and found him in tears. This little boy was just sobbing and would not even look up at me. In his hand he had a wad of papers. I asked his Regular Ed. teacher what was going on. She said that he was deeply upset about the fact that his family had no money to send with him for the fair, and therefore could not go with his class to get a book. I talked with the little boy and tried to calm him down.                 He finally opened his hand, to reveal some pieces of paper that he had colored some dollar signs on.

First I was so excited because he actually knew what a dollar sign was; I couldn’t even get him to count to 10! But then my heart began to sadden at the thought of this little boy being so distraught over the fact that he had no real money, that he actually went to the effort of making himself "fake" money. This thought broke my heart. It took almost an hour to convince him that his money was not real and he couldn’t get any books with it. The fact is, that none of my children could even come close to being able to afford the books.” 


SKF provided the PTA with some 'real' money, so that each of Megam's students could have a new book of their very own!


4. Free Personalized Tapes

 A special tape for special kids! 

Hundreds of tapes distributed to schools, camps and therapy programs across the country - lullabies and stories, personalized with the child’s name, become the most prized possession for many of our special kids. 

Note: Just quotes are to be found below; but details withheld to protect the  privacy of the children and their families.

“… Just wanted to share a few of the stories with you as we see the children's reactions to their tapes... 

Michael, 4, who rarely speaks, began chanting in our waiting room, "It's my tape.  It has my name on it.  It's my tape."  After listening to the songs, his mother says he couldn't wait to show the kids at school his "name tape" at show and tell the next week! 

Alyssa's mother tells the story of her 2 1/2 year old's response to her tape..."Her face lit up when she heard her name in the song.  She doesn't talk but knows some signs and made up her own sign for her tape.  We had to tell all our family and babysitter what it means when she does that sign, so she can listen to her favorite music." 

"Taylor, 3, has autism and music is very calming for her.  Her mother says that this is one of the tapes Taylor likes to listen to just before bed to help soothe herself to sleep.”   

"The tapes are great!  Thank you so much for including us-"

      Distributed by Special Kids Fund

Donated by a Division of Slope Sounds - personalized kids music  in any - personalized kids music  in any - personalized kids music  in any name.


5. Birthday Party

Classmates' gifts will last a lifetime!

12 year old girl and her family ask friends to bring donations to SKF, instead of conventional ‘presents’ to her party. 

Letter to her 7th Grade Class - 

Letter to her Family - 


 6. PAL (Police Activities League) San Jose Ball Park 

Everybody needs a special pal!

San Jose PAL Challenger League

Special Kids Fund provides funding, through your generous donations, that makes it possible to provide special needs programs that are opening new vistas for the educationally, emotionally and physically challenged. We provided support to the  baseball program for developmentally disabled youth 5-25 years of age, with funding to make their park handicapped accessible and special needs 'friendly'.


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