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Giving to SKF and MagicMobility ...The Ultimate Joy Ride!

Many of us, over the past year, have experienced quarantine and severe limitation of our ability to move freely and enjoy our usual activities.

Imagine for a moment, just a moment if you may... what it would be like to be in a perpetual state of limitation …and under a virtual ‘house arrest’ without mobility.


SKF is a unique children's charity caring for developmentally disabled children and at-risk youth nationwide.
We help open new vistas for special kids!

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We run a widely acclaimed Wheelchair Van Assistance Program, helping needy families nationwide access handicap vans for their disabled family member. We help children, adults and disabled veterans.
This provides a wonderful legacy for the donor and is an amazing miracle for the recipients!

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Donate with Your DAF and Join together with Others

This provides a wonderful legacy for the donor and is an amazing miracle for the recipients!

You can change the world for a disabled child and their family.
Help us make this miracle happen!

How to use your DAF to Donate

The Challenge...

Many of our clients are single-parent mothers and parents whom have a degree of disability themselves.
Please review a sampling of those requesting assistance:

"Single parent who is not capable of working due to her 24/7 care condition. She has a lot of appointments in different hospitals and it´s difficult to take her, I carry her on and off of a small car and she weighs 86 pounds. My back hurts and I have even been to therapy for it, but they tell me I would have to stop caring her but I have no one to help me."
Sources of income:
"SSI for my son. I cannot work due to her 24/7 condition."

"When I was 17 years old I got into a diving accident which left me as a quadriplegic .I am paralyzed from the chest down including my hands."
Anything else?
"I am a college student at York Tech , in my last semester. I’ll be on my way to a 4 year college! To hopefully become a post-trauma counselor."

"MY son has been diagnosed with Infantile Cerebral Palsy which limits his mobility. He uses a wheelchair as a mean of transportation. He loves going on outings with our other residents but due to not having a van, he is unable to attend much of the outings. He is able to process the fact he isn't able to go and that upsets him."

"Our son loves to be on the go. He loves to participate in many adaptive sports like scuba diving and water skiing. He volunteers at an area animal shelter when able, and also speaks at various colleges about his disability. He is truly amazing and an inspiration!
He needs his own transportation to not miss out ..."

"We are at a loss and don’t know how to get help. If you can’t help us if you could please direct me to anyone who may be able to. My brother is in need to get to doctors’ appointments that are an hour from the house and we have no way to transport him."

And "The Solution..."

"Seeing my daughter's face as she looks out the window while riding is priceless.
My oldest daughter said it best, that when you gave her sister the van, you gave her a new life!"
Jessica commenting about her sister, Ciara.
Orlando, FL

"I was looking into a wheelchair van donation for one of the families I work with. They have no way to transport their 6 year old daughter.
Thank you for any help you can give them!!"
Katie Papp, PT
Niles Township District for Special Education

"We are very grateful for the blessing of your organization. Thanks to Special Kids Fund; going to dialysis, chemo, speech therapy and doctor visits are no longer a four hour bus ride each time."
Anita Robledo and Family

"The family wheelchair van our family outgrew has a new life, with a new family. It is opening up the world to a 7-year-old wheelchair user. We are so glad for Special Kids Fund."


Our program is unique in its national coverage.
We handle van donations and process requests nationwide.

Learn more about how we began ...
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On behalf of the Governor of the Great State of Georgia; the Georgia Department of Veteran Service's (GDVS) Commissioner Mike Roby, the veteran van recipient Mr. Julius Conner and the entire GDVS Team, I'd like to thank you and your organization for this awesome donation and all that you do for our American heroes.

H. Neil Slay
Veteran's Claims & Appeals Officer
Georgia Department of Veterans Service
The family is so grateful, and I am grateful as well. The Dad said that this is like winning the lottery... Thanks again to Special Kids Fund for all of the help and support in making this possible.

Dorothy Coughlin
Archdiocese of Portland
Office for People with Disabilities
...The wheelchair van has made a world of difference in our lives. That difference can be summed up in the word "freedom." The van has given us the freedom to be as mobile in our society as most Americans. Before the van, my wife had to depend on public transportation for the disabled, meaning she left home at 7 and returned at 6 just to hold a part-time job. Thanks to Special Kids Fund, who made the van possible...

A Family in Reno, Nevada
Thanks to the Special Kids Fund, this van will enable me to continue to have the freedom and independence to participate in the things I love to do most. Keep up the good work!

Brenda Phoenix
...Special Kids Fund is one of those very rare organizations that walk the extra mile to make life easier for the physically disabled. It has been my pleasure to work with Daniel Goodman, President of Special Kids Fund, whose passion is to help lighten the load of those in our society who face challenges and obstacles in daily life...

Rabbi Reuven Taff
Mosaic Law Congregation
Sacramento, CA
Recipient note:
I am writing you to thank you once again for this wonderful gift. It is truly a blessing. Organizations like these remind us that there are good people in this crazy world. Gabriela will now be able to travel with us much more comfortably and more readily. Thank you and Susi, the van donor, for her generous heart. May G-d bless you both.
Jennifer, Jacob and Gabriela
Special Kids Fund, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Federal Tax ID# 58-2550249