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Parenting Special Needs
From Terri Mauro,
Your Guide to Parenting Special Needs.
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Site of the Day: Saturday, March 25, 2006
Special Kids Fund

There are plenty of charitable organizations that accept donations of used cars in return for a tax deduction, but Special Kids Fund puts a unique twist on it: in addition to gifts of cars and boats, it seeks donations of handicapped wheelchair vans, which are then given to families in need. If you have a van or need one, you can e-mail the organization from this page and get the process started. This is just one of the ways Special Kids Fund, which counts among its founders actor Jason Alexander and ice cream mogul Jerry Greenfield (of Ben & Jerry's), has developed for helping families of children with special needs. Proceeds from more traditional contributions go to help out a network of small programs run by hospitals and community groups, which can then spend their time helping kids instead of fund-raising. ... More Sites of the Day | Gifts for a Cause
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