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Car Donations

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Special Kids Fund for special needs and at-risk youth.

Free Auto Pick up - Most cars accepted

Donate A Car to a Great Special Needs Children's Charity!

Donate your car, truck or motor home to Charity! Your car donation is tax deductible and free towing is always provided. Your vehicle donation can make an amazing difference to our special needs children.

Car Donations

Your car donations on this site will benefit a non-profit charity classified with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Individuals can also receive tax deductions for their vehicle donation; please see our car donation IRS information page for more details. car donations.

It's amazing what a difference one person can make, and we thank you for being that person! Please help us make a difference in someone's life today by donating your car, boat, truck or RV. Car Donations

Arrangements will be made to pick up your car donation or other vehicle donation at no cost to you, almost anywhere in the United States, and you will be supplied with the necessary acknowledgement to claim your tax deduction for your car donation. Car Donations

Donate a Car

While money is always a great charitable donation, it's not always readily available. Donate Car and help our non-profit organization today.

We accept most car donations - donate car - whether the automobiles are running or not. Proceeds from the auto donations are allocated to charities for special needs children.

Automobile donations can be a great tax deduction. Read our FAQ's page to learn about receiving a tax deduction when you donate cars. There's no worry about dropping off your auto donations - we'll even pick them up auto donation.

Auto donations allow you to help your community. Non-profit organizations are in constant need of additional funds, and you can help with your car donations. Automobile donations allow you to donate cars even when they are not drivable. There is no stress or worry about paperwork or other details, only a great charitable contribution to worthy organizations. Auto Donation

Vehicle Donations - Automobile Donations

Who Benefits from my Donation?

Have you tried selling your vehicle lately? What a hassle! Why not donate your used car and receive a nice IRS tax deduction instead! Vehicle Donations Use your auto donation as a charity benefit and vehicle donation tax write-off. Our special needs children will receive the care that they need through your donations. Vehicle Donation

How do I donate my car?

Submit info about your car and the address where it is to be picked up. Donate your used car now and benefit our special kids as well! automobile donations

When you give an automobile donation:

  • We provide an acknowledgement for your IRS tax deduction for your auto donation. Vehicle Donation
  • We handle confusing Department of Motor Vehicles paperwork and smog hassles for you, when you donate your used car.
  • Free vehicle donation pick up - running or not, in most cases. A donation of car or vehicle is always appreciated, restrictions apply.

An auto donation avoids the headaches of selling a used car. Donate your used car instead! Automobile Donations




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