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SKF is a unique children's charity alliance of social service organizations, hospitals, camps and schools caring for developmentally disabled children and at-risk youth. Many of our special needs children come from communities that cannot afford the one-on-one specialized care and expensive equipment necessary for them to thrive. Charity Donations Our unique children's charity provides funding through your donations that make it possible to provide special needs programs that are opening new vistas for the educationally, emotionally and physically challenged. Charity Gifts

Charitable Donations to Our Unique Children's Charity Gifts

Medical and developmental disabilities have a profound effect upon children and their families. SKF is an umbrella charity organization that affiliates with a wide array of non-profit organizations. We develop creative, new funding resources for disabled children; enabling the generosity of both philanthropists and the general public to play a meaningful role in our special children's lives through your charity donations. Donate now!

Together, we create a special world: a world of love, a kinder world, a world that celebrates life and all of its challenges.

Charity Donations

Donations to Charitable Organizations - Charity Gifts

Charitable giving can help open new vistas and provide compassionate care for medically, educationally and developmentally challenged children. With your donations, our affiliates will have the resources needed to engage in research, and provide services and access equipment for special needs children. Your donations make better lives possible for our special kids. A Donation Gift is the best gift!

Many of our kids are from communities that cannot afford the kind of one-on-one specialized care and expensive equipment necessary for them to thrive. When you donate, your generosity can benefit those who need our help the most. Charity Donations

Through your charitable giving, we are able to create a special world of kindness for our children.

Charity Donations

Donate Now!

Help special needs and at-risk youth.

Your donation can make a difference in these challenged kids lives!

Charity Donations

You can also help us network to merchants and corporations. Our recently launched fundraising programs: Charity@Checkout (online customer solicitations) and Charity Gift Certificates (recipient chooses from over 75 charities).Donation Gifts are the most meaningful gift-giving.

Improving Lives through Charitable Organizations Charity Donations
You can view our affiliated beneficiaries to learn of the broad range of special needs and disabilities addressed by our charity organizations. Our umbrella fund (Funding for Children & Youth: Resources for the Disabled) provides you with the opportunity for a charitable donation that benefits the entire spectrum of challenged youth.
Donate now to benefit our special kids! Charity Donations

Donations may be mailed to:
Special Kids Fund
111 Autumn Road
Lakewood, NJ 08701
Thank you for your donation!

"Together, we create a special world: a world of love, a kinder world,
             a world that celebrates life and all of its challenges."

Special Kids Fund, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Federal Tax ID# 58-2550249 .  All contributions are tax-deductible. You may also view our IRS Determination Letter .

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