Car Donation;Income tax deduction, IRS deduction-child charity for the special need child with disability. Car donations, auto donations, automobile donation, vehicle donation, donate used car.
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        12 categories to choose from; health, homeless, environment, children and more...     

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Charity Gift Cards

Charity Gift Cards:

Recipient-designated to over 100 major charities! Client can choose the cause closest to their heart. Outstanding branding with our customizable redemption pages, using our online wizard ...just create your 'corporate' account and order gift cards for your clients to view your unique page when they redeem their gift. Visit our corporate donation gifts to learn more about our one-of-a-kind features.

Charity Gifts and Gift Cards

Special Kids Fund:

Children's charity donation to benefit special needs children.

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Your gift recipient will get to choose the charity.


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  • CharityChoice Cards are a great idea for corporate incentives and performance awards. A meaningful way to recognize outstanding service and performance; awardees will appreciate this unique gift.

  • We are already in many rewards programs - view our points for charity credit card and employee incentives rewards programs.

Corporate Holiday and Business Gifts Programs:

  • Corporate Donations customization suite info. Your logo, design and mesage.

  • Customer Promotion Programs:
    They can also demonstrate your company's commitment to social responsibility, in customer promotion programs; conveys a great PR message that will enhance customer loyalty.

  • Business Gifts... and for New Clients:
    This affords a special way of showing your appreciation to clients, without overstepping the ethical guidelines of corporate customer relations policies.
    Business Donation
    It may also be a fully tax deductible gift, above the general $25 IRS maximum for business gifts. (Check with your tax advisor.)

Charitable giving for business and corporate clients for all occasions: Wedding favors, Birthday gifts, Gift cards and Holiday gifts.